Meet the Tallu-lah team:

With a passion for organization and flair for design Katie is the perfect gal to keep Tallu-lah running smoothly. Katie ensures that each order is wrapped up, tied with a bow and delivered right to you. Thanks to Katie every customer experience is extraordinary – just like Tallu-lah's designs.

Jessica has a love affair with paper and beautiful design, which is why she is the go to girl for fun and unique creations that make happy mail. When she’s not designing, she’s chasing her busy toddler Oliver, baking, crafting and spending time with her sweet hubby Todd.

Along with designing, deadlines and details are Meredith’s forte. Tallu-lah’s Designer and Website Diva keeps our site looking pretty while gracefully managing exclusive artwork for partner companies like nobody’s business.

Grace loves vintage editorials and ads, and gets much of her design inspiration from them. Her favorite part of designing is piecing together different font styles, colors, and textures to make something that has simplicity and depth. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, and being outdoors.

She’s one creative girl, Nicole. So we let her design, design, design to her heart’s content (and occasionally letterpress in a pinch). Beautifully, we might add. Which makes her a perfect fit for Tallu-lah.

Tallu-lah Greeting Cards